Who doesn’t love the idea of driving a brand new car? The Auto Raffle is an exciting way for people to support Agrace’s compassionate care for local patients AND have a chance to drive away in a new Honda Fit!



Agrace relies on community donations—including funds raised by the Auto Raffle—to help pay for many essential services for our patients, their families and the community:

  • Care for ALL: When patients do not have insurance or another way to pay for their care, we don’t turn them away. We offer them help paying for the services they need through our Care for All program.
  • Respite care: We offer up to five days’ care at Agrace for our hospice patients if their family caregiver needs a break.
  • Community grief support: Agrace’s grief support groups offer comfort and encouragement to people who are grieving a death. They are free for participants and are open to the public.
  • Volunteer training: Preparing Agrace’s 1,000 + volunteers to be confident in their roles.
  • Clinical training: Ongoing learning about hospice & palliative care for Agrace’s staff and other health care professionals in the community.